Thursday, July 24, 2008

Help! My Blog Is Not Automatically Showing Up In The Search Engines!

There have been a lot of posts from people who have been posting that their sites / blogs are not showing up in the search engines. The thing that gets me is that the people who post these messages say that their sites are only a few weeks, days or even hours old!

First of all you have to understand that just because you have a site on the Internet doesn't mean that it will automatically show up in the search engines! Please understand the basic concept(s) of the search engines which is:

People will type in search terms looking for sites that have related information. What YOU want is for YOUR site to show up in the search engine results when people type in search terms that are related to the content of your site.

Do a test run yourself. Type in the search term(s) that you want your site to be associated with and see where your site ranks. If you don't like where your site is ranking take a look at those sites that are ranking above yours - these are the sites that you will have to "out-optimize".

There have been times when I have had blog posts show up in the search engines in as little as 24 hours but the blog itself is more than a few months old! For instance I have an Adsense Consultant blog where there have been a few of my posts that have shown up in as little as 24 hours in the search engines only because the topic matter has been so popular!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh My God! I Think I Found A Secret!

I was reading a post from someone who was complaining about their site not being ranked high in the search engines. They mentioned their frustration at the adult and adult-related sites as well as the "spam" sites that appeared before his own website in the search engine ranking results.

The post gave me an idea to try out and I decided to test it with a site that appears above mine in the search engine rankings - it worked! - my blog appeared above the other site in Google's search engine results!

So I decided to try it on another site that was appearing before my site in the search engine results! it worked again!

I checked my search engine results for the term "adsense consultant" and my blog was the top ranked site on Google's search engine!

Now I know that this is quite hard to believe and I am feeling that same way too! How could I instantly be able to get my adsense consultant blog to the top of the search engine in just a matter of minutes?!!!!

So while this little experiment is in its infancy I'm definitely going to be checking my search engine results for the next few days just to see if this little experiment worked! If it does then I'm going to start implementing it with the SEO work that I'm doing for clients!

It is just amazing what one picks up on the Internet if they just pay extra attention to what it is that they are doing!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How Can I Get My Blog / Website Into The Search Engines?

I was looking at yet another post from someone who wanted to know why their blog wasn't on Google's search engine results.

First of all their blog could have been in the search engine results but just at a lower ranking. This begs the question of just how many pages of search engine results did this person go through to find their blog?

Basically speaking you can't say that your site or blog is not in the search engine results unless you go through every page of search results.

Secondly this person was using a search term that brings back 26 Million "hits"! Now I ask you how can a person who has had a blog for less than a month expect their blog to show up in the most popular search engine there is - Google's search engine - and expect to show up on page one of the search engine results?

I have had some of my blog posts show up on the search engines in as little as 24 hours BUT the blog itself is more than a few months old.

What people have to realize is that just because you have a website or blog doesn't mean that it is automatically going to show up on the search engines. Lots of the main search engines have a link where you can add your site manually. I recommend that you do this but let me warn you that these search engine sites will tell you that it may take them some time to "manually" get to your site. So you don't want to just depend on submitting your site manually!

Basically speaking if you want your site to show in the top rankings of the search engines then you are going to have to do some work! As of July 9, 2008, I checked to see where my Adsense Consultant blog was ranking in Google's search engine. Currently my Adsense Consultant blog is ranked #2! What's more there are other links to my Adsense Consultant blog on page one as well! And you should also know that there are over 1 Million "hits" for the term "adsense consultant!

I think that this is a very good search engine optimization accomplishment for my Adsense Consultant blog

My search engine rankings "see-saw" all the time. I think like yesterday my Adsense Consultant blog ranked something like #4!

How did I manage to get my blog on the first page of Google's search engine? I worked at it - Ironically since I did some search engine optimization on my Adsense Consultant blog, I haven't had to do much else to keep my page 1 search engine rankings. Basically the search engine optimization tactics that I used was to simply try and "out-optimize" the sites that were being listed in the search engines ahead of my very own blog!

These kind of SEO tactics involve a lot of analyzing - especially when you are talking about analyzing the sites of one's competitor so that YOUR site will appear above your own competitor's site in the search engine rankings.

Just because you "build a site" "The will not come" automatically!

You have to optimize your site for the search engines before the search engines can even begin to find your site!

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