Friday, May 15, 2009

"How To Make The Blog Come Up In Google Search?"

It seems the questions being asked are always the same.....

"How to make the blogger blog to come up in google search? Step by step please...?
I need to optimize my blog to show up in google search. How do I add tags, lables key words and where do I register my site with the search engine? Please provide a step by step explanation.

and here is the reply that I gave:

First of all a lot of the major search engines have links to where you can add your site manually. However this will not put your site on the search engines immediately. Sometimes it can take as much as a few months for your site to show up when you add it manually.

The best and fastest way to get your blog on the search engines is to decide which keywords you want associated with your blog. Type in the keywords to see where you rank and if your site doesn't appear as high up in the search engines as you want it to be then work on incorporating those keywords into the content of your blog.

For instance my blog

The Adsense Consultant

shows up on page 1 or 2 of Google's search engine results when the keyword "adsense consultant" are typed in. Now mind you my blog is about 4 months old and it showing up on page 1 of google's search engines is a minor miracle. But I didn't do any manual submission to the blog, I just work on the content of my blog.

A client of mine

The Computer Dude

has a blog that shows up on page one of Google's search engine results when someone types in the keyword "computer dude" - heck his search results are better than mine and I work at optimizing both blogs!

So giving you step by step instructions may be darn near impossible!

It will depend on what keywords you want associated with your blog and where you blog ranks now as opposed to where you want it to rank in the search engines.

The Adsense Consultant
The Adsense Consultant's Blog

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