Monday, December 15, 2008

"Why Can't I Find My Blog?"

I can't find my blog page if I type it into the google search engine?
or yahoo!!

First of all how old is your blog? Give it some time!

Just because you have a website or blog online does not mean that its
going to show up on the search engines automatically.

While some people have managed to have their content show up in 24
hours - the mainstream have to give it some time.

You should be looking at those site that DO show up when you type your
blog into the search engine(s) because it shows what sites are
appearing before yours which is information that you need to know -
you need to know WHY these sites are showing ahead of yours.

This whole thing is called search engine optimization - SEO for
short. And it does require work! Basically you have to work on
incorporating the search terms that you want your site to be
associated with into the content of your site.

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