Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here In England.......

M~ said...

"I entered adsense consultant in to Google and this page came up - here in England."

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"No Search Engine Ever Sees My Site"

This is not necessarily true!

There are millions of websites online and the truth of the matter is that before you can say "no search engine ever sees my site" would have to mean that you have seen every page of page results of all the search engines all the time - something with is quite literally impossible to do!

I have seen my sites come up on the oddest of search terms that people have used to look for similar sites. For instance, a link to my Blog Consultant blog showed up on page 1 (out of 2 Million plus sites!) of Google's search engine results when someone was looking for information on how to add the adsense code to their myspace page. Now you would think that either my Adsense Consulting Blog or my MySpace Consultant Blog would show up - but they didn't.

So the truth of the matter is that your site is probably showing up in the search engines but the problem is that you don't know where.

You can solve this problem by adding a statistical tracker to your website so that you know where your web traffic is coming from. There are free stat trackers online where you just have to copy and paste their code onto your site so that you can track who is coming to your website and where they are coming from.

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