Friday, June 4, 2010

I Did A Check On My Search Engine Rankings Today And..........

I see that both of my Adsense Consulting Blogs are still showing on page one of the Google search engine rankings.

How do I still manage to achieve this? Well I think that first of all constantly updating your site helps - although this is not a "given". There have been times when I have updated my blogs and received a much lower ranking in the search engines. So it really is not an exact science!

One thing that I will say that I have done is to analyze the sites of my search engine competitors and there have been things that I have done to my own blogs in the hopes of getting a higher search engine ranking and sometimes it has worked - but again it is not an exact science!

You just have to keep trying new things and then just when you think you have it something new comes along that you have to learn. But all-in-all what I do is that I keep on trying and the fact that my blogs are on page one of google's search engine for the term "adsense consultant"proves that I am doing something right!

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