Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Adding Your Site To Google (Manually)

One of the most important things that you will want is for your site to appear in the search engines! Most of the major search engines have links on their sites to where you can add your own site manually. *However I should warn you that these sites themselves say that it will take them some time to get to your site! The process may take a few months and sometimes even longer!

I have added a new link on the side of this blog that should take you right to Google's own search engine site where you can add your own website or blog manually. Here is the link again:

Add Your Site To Google's Search Engine

The more faster way of getting your site to appear in the search engines is for you to decide what search terms you want to be associated with your site and then check to see where your site ranks using those search terms. If you're not happy at where your site ranks in the search engines and you want your site to appear higher in the search engine rankings then you are going to have to work more harder at incorporating those search terms within the content of your site.

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