Friday, September 7, 2007

Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog because there are so many people out there asking questions about how they can get their sites into the search engines. This tactic is known as search engine optimization - SEO for short.

Why are people concerned with getting their sites listed in the search engine results? The answer is simple - to get more traffic! More traffic means more visitors to one's site. The more visitors to one's site the more popular the site becomes.

Here is a link to one of my other blog posts about how I am continuing my quest (and my clients) to stay on page one of Google's (and other) search engine results.

If you are selling a product or a service then the more people that visit your site, the more people that are likely to purchase your product or services.

So you want as many visitors to your site as possible!

And the more higher your site ranks in the search engines, the more people will visit your site!



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