Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Client, Another Top Page Ranking!

I was checking some statistics of my websites and blogs and noticed that someone did a search for the term "the computer dude" and one of my clients,
The ComputerDude's blog has showed up on page one of Google's search engine.

*Unfortunately I can't post a picture of that search result here because since I have Adsense ads on this blog, I'm not allowed to post any Google-related images (since google owns Adsense).

If you take a good look at The ComputerDude's blog you will see that it is a nicely put together blog. It has a fair amount of posts and I do know for a fact that this blog has earned some adsense revenue as well.

You should strive to make your blog look at least presentable because you never know what search terms are going to bring people to your own website or blog!

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